Recycled Waders. Just in time for Father’s Day!

This Seattle company, Recycled Waders, recently hooked my curiosity with their product that turns “leakers into keepers.” Not being a fisherperson, I didn’t even really know waders, let alone leakers were. The word’s not in my vernacular. Since first seeing this brand, I’ve asked a lot of men who knew immediately what I meant by “waders.” The premise is simple; as per founder Pat Jenkins, “Recycled Waders brings my vision to life, turning leaky waders into completely functional products.”

Here’s what I love. IT’S AN ACCESSORY! Women have the market on jewelry, bags, shoes…we have more accessories than things to accessorize. MEN, however, have little to choose. Turning “manly” things into manly accessories is smart. It’s a market waiting to be capitalized upon.

Recylced Waders Pic

Like the Survival Bracelet made of ripcord, it’s less about “jewelry” and more about…survival. [Insert eye-rolling here] That ubiquitous, yellow Livestrong “wrist band”? It’s a bracelet. Because the Wader wallet is repurposed AND manly, it’s not considered an accessory by men but rather a tool. Men can spend as much as they want on tools. I mean, c’mon, it’s a TOOL. You need it. Rationalize away, fellas, the ladies have been doing it all of our lives.

Congratulations, Recycled Waders. You’re hitting several nails on the head with one…tool.

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