Snapshot of Services

Every environment deserves Insight. AML Insights has experience in numerous faces of retail: Cannabis, Mass, Luxury, Apparel, QSR, and Service environments. Because we believe that a shopper knows best what a shopper needs most, understanding how your customer uses your space is the foundation of our insights. Expert insights inform store design, signage, traffic flow, branding, and operations, with the overarching goal of creating ideal experiences.

How can AML Insights work with you?

Store Evaluation

Through the eye of a shopper and a retail strategist, an AML Insights Evaluation details how specific elements of the space facilitate the shopper in her full experience and how that experience could be improved. Evaluations answer questions of shopper flow, shopper behavior, space allocation and section adjacencies.

Store Walk-Through

On your feet! The Walk-Through is a real-time understanding of how your store is working from its brand and design face to the shopper experience. Anne Marie walks your team through your store to demonstrate how to deliver the most power from its key zones (entry, soft right, points of recognition, touch points, etc.).

Journey Analysis (Shopper and Associate)

Shopper Journey Analysis unveils where your shopper is engaged, tuned out, experiencing magical moments or tripping over pain points. Key insights identify where and when the experience lags and how to put it back on track. Patterns of where, when and why shoppers become confused and/or in need of assistance are matched to Associate Journeys to keep both journeys simpatico.

Signage Evaluation

In all of its iterations, signage needs to answer questions shoppers ask, not necessarily just what you want to tell them. Using the 4 P’s (Pace, Proximity, Person, Physicality), signs will be evaluated on their design, content and positioning.

Competitor Analysis & Blind Dates

In your industry and beyond, knowing what the competition is doing (right and wrong) is imperative to providing YOUR best experience. Competitors are observed objectively and subjectively to understand key points of differentiation. Analyses can include Blind Dates with recruited shoppers to capture what they see as key differences, wins and losses.

A shopper knows best what a shopper needs most.