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Order in the Maze

Order in the Maze

6 surprising tips for EYE CARE PROFESSIONALS on how to maximize sales with simple visual merchandising (as told to Stephanie K. De Long, for EyeCare Business, April 2016) I am a retail strategist and shopper insights expert. That means I watch people shop. I study the maze (the retail environment),...

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Take This Personally

Take This Personally

Because I’m in the retail industry, friends and colleagues think I’m always in-the- know about trends in stores, products and services. About much, I am. The latest trend I’m being asked about, “Too Personal” however, I’ve experienced and am at a loss about.
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Welcome to the Future. Please Don’t Come to Our Store.

Welcome to the Future. Please Don’t Come to Our Store.

  Dark Stores, Pickers, Delivery Angst… it sounds so…apocalyptic.  It is.  It is the rise of a new world of shopping where the physical activity of hunting and gathering has been outsourced.  To some, the future is bright; those who know exactly what they want and don’t care exactly when...

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Anne Marie Luthro & The AML Insiders

I watch people shop.  I study, understand and analyse the retail space, shopper behavior and product branding and make sure they're all working harmoniously to create the best shopping experience.

Anne Marie Luthro has spent the last twenty years focusing a critical eye and a keen ear on all things retail and shopper-centric. Two decades studying the environmental factors that influence the purchasing decision, as well as the psychology of shopping behavior have earned AML a reputation as a leading authority in the industry of retail design.

Anne Marie has worked on hundreds of retail concepts for a wide array of clients. Her insights have been shared with audiences across the globe. Download AML’s Snapshot of Services

Prior to opening AML Insights, Anne Marie was a pioneering member of Envirosell,  renowned research agency (owned by Paco Underhill). Anne Marie developed, practiced and fine-tuned research methodologies that have  been tried, tested and true in retail around the world. Today she uses that historical perspective to help clients build, nourish and keep their shopper base.

Anne Marie Luthro brings a critical eye, a historical perspective, contemporary awareness and sharp insight to tomorrow.

Anne Marie has a wealth of experience and insight into numerous categories (beauty, technology, apparel, luxury, sport performance) and their various retail faces. Anne Marie’s extensive client list includes: adidas, Athleta, Estée Lauder Companies, L’Oreal, LVMH, Victoria’s Secret, Walmart, Oakley, and ESPN.

Concepts created by Anne Marie and her teams that have resonated through retail are: Alone-Together – sales associate approaches that lead to meaningful interactions that result in increased shopper confidence and conversion, Hibiscus High – keeping an experience alive beyond its four walls.



The AML Insiders are colleagues, partners, peers and advisors who contribute to AML Insights research (quantitative and qualitative) in various and unique roles.

Seanette Corkill: visual merchandiser, store planner and window display instructor

Marilys Ernst: APP and web developer, video producer and editor

Ted Farthing: specialty food entrepreneur and brand strategist

Laurie Lewis: new store openings and customer experience consultant

Kristen Siefken: restaurant designer and owner, interior designer, PR director

Shauna Stinson: design firm principal (

Lisa Snyder: IT systems and marketing