The Consumer Connection: Unforgettable YOU

(By Erinn Morgan, Eyecare Business Magazine August 2015)
1. Be everywhere for your patients by strengthening your Omni-Channel branding. When it’s so easy to competitively shop online, make sure YOU’re there.
2. Get Personal. Bring the Doc out to the Patient. The doctor is the nexus of the practice, yet patients may only see him/her once in a visit.
3. Speak their language. Jargon and technical terms are a sure way to intimidate or turn off a patient’s attention. Have you listened to yourself? Do!
4. Offer Personalization. Showcasing products that allow for some sort of customization lets shoppers be unique…with boundaries.
5. Brand Agnostic Presentation. Position yourself as an Industry Leader or Patient Advocate by sharing general knowledge and fun facts.
6. Testing & Sampling. If you love someone (your patients) set them free!  They’ll come back. Let them live with your product via testing and sampling.
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