Main Street

Working with Seanette Corkill of Frontdoor Back, we serve independent retailers who face the same challenges as the national brands but have few (if any) of their resources.  We believe that strong stores make a strong community.


We deliver a 90-minute seminar that puts all of Main Street’s stakeholders (services, retailers, property owners, etc.) in the same room to learn the same retail principles and speak the same retail language.  We follow this up with one-on-one consultations with the business owners to hear about their successes and frustrations and to evaluate the store through our retail expert eyes.


We start at the building façade, making sure that there’s curb appeal with the building and capture power with its windows.  We walk the retailer through their store from entry, through a shopper journey, to the cashwrap experience and back out the door making sure that they are aware of every customer facing issue. We help identify profit centers and to be sure those centers are strategically located within the store.  Taking what we’ve learned from the national chains and sharing it in bite-sized, pragmatic, usable pieces of advice has helped hundreds of independent retailers. Teaching moments range from which light bulbs to use and how much text to use on signs to store layout and ambiance.  Consultation with independent retailers is the most rewarding work we do!