Thank you, Ron Johnson

  1. I just referred to it as JCP and you didn’t think twice
  2. The stores are much less cluttered with product and fixtures
  3. The stores are cleaner
  4. The stores aren’t overwhelmed with unattractive fixture-topping signage
  5. Stores are easier to shop because of the above numbers 2, 3, and 4
  6. Media reflected a confident, contemporary shopper
  7. Media had a hint more of a personality than ever before
  8. TV spots and newspaper inserts looked good
  9. He/JCP got more press than a lot of 2012 presidential candidates
  10. He instigated thought and thoughtful controversy in the retail industry
  11. He showed us that the Macy’s- and Kohl’s-like coupon game is so deeply instilled in mid-level department stores that they have changed shopper expectations in an ugly way. Even EDLP can’t trump a discount off of a coupon off of a….

Why people weren’t buying at JCP under Johnson’s leadership, I don’t purport to know. (“Carpetbagger Conspiracy” comes to mind, as do poor communication skills and exclusionary, “we/they” thinking.)
I understand that a coupon delivered via your newspaper is incentive to get up and go to a store. Mr. Johnson kiboshed that. I see that the coupons are back with a vengeance in JCP ads. Okay. Good. But even with a coupon on the front cover, JCP still looks better than ever.