Mirror, Mirror On The… Money

1. Made you look!
We have a hard time NOT looking at ourselves in mirrors. Watch us as we pass a dark window on a sunny day. We suck in our tummies and pull our shoulders back and, oh, what a striking reflection we cast! We slow and refocus to look in mirrors. Capitalize on it.

2. Flatter your shopper.

  • The right lighting makes everything look better.
  • Tilting a mirror is not a trick, it is a courtesy.
  • Cheap mirrors contort images, distort egos, and lose the sale.
  • Some colors are good on just about everyone. Some, not. Find ways to allow surroundings to enhance the reflection.


3. Be in two places at once.
Good mirror placement allows associates to see who needs help where. I can see if you’re “just browsing,” or if you’re on the precipice of needing assistance. I can keep an eye on two shopping groups at once.
Shoplifters hate mirrors. ‘nough said.

4. Context
I know what the shoe looks like it—that’s why I tried it on. How do they look on the rest of me? I’m taking my whole body out when I wear them. Different mirror shapes, sizes and placements have different functions.

Worst mirrors? AllSaints Spitalfields
Why? “Antique”-look distorts and allows less light reflection (the mirrors are dark and blotchy- although I doubt cheap.)
Best mirrors? Above the wheelchair accessible sinks in public restrooms.
Why? They’re tilted.